February 15, 2014

The Rotten Fruits of Democracy

Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail

The Associated Press

It seems as if the world has erupted in mass, government-threatening protests: Caracas, Ankara, Bangkok and Kiev are among the capitals that have erupted in flames and clouds of tear gas in recent weeks. But these aren’t the democracy protests we’ve known during the past 2 1/2 decades. Two things distinguish them:

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February 9, 2014
Europe Goes Expansionist
James Carden, American Conservative
EU leaders are modeling the worst of Washington's diplomacy on Ukraine. more ››
February 9, 2014
To Save Ukraine, Press the Oligarchs
Adrian Karatnycky, Atlantic Council
Eleven weeks after President Viktor Yanukovych sparked peaceful street protests by halting Ukraine’s effort to build closer ties to Europe, his standoff with the opposition has slid into ugly violence that has polarized... more ››
February 8, 2014
The Arab Spring Heads to Russia
Michael Bohm, Moscow Times
In the end, it looks like U.S. Senator John McCain was correct after all when he warned President Vladimir Putin in a 2011 tweet to be careful: "Dear Vlad, the Arab Spring is coming to a neighborhood near you." Putin should heed... more ››
February 8, 2014
The F-Bomb Heard Round the World
Walter Mead, The American Interest
Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State whose intemperate remark about the European Union were secretly recorded and released on YouTube (allegedly by the Russians), probably wouldn’t have received high marks from... more ››
February 10, 2014
Europeans Are Telling the EU to F*** Off, Too
Alex Berezow, RCW
Now, the EU is upset. Or, at least Angela Merkel, the de facto empress of the EU, is pretending to be. However, what you won't hear in all of the press coverage is that "f*** the EU" is a rather common sentiment, particularly... more ››