February 17, 2014

The Death of the British Pub

Danny Hakim, New York Times

The Associated Press

One by one, the pubs are disappearing. Can they be saved from total extinction?

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February 14, 2014
Great Britain Withdraws from the World
Alan Philps, The National
Now that its military interventionism – more recently disguised as peace-building – is in abeyance, the question of what Britain’s role in the world is being reassessed. At the centre of the debate is the meaning of the... more ››
February 14, 2014
Eurozone Crisis Is Just Getting Started
Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
On the face of it, they seem worlds apart. Switzerland’s referendum vote against the free movement of labour, the ruling by the German Constitutional Court on the European Central Bank’s (ECB) attempts to save the euro, and... more ››
February 13, 2014
Britain Isn't a Racist Country
Clarissa Tan, The Spectator
It has less prejudice than the countries where I’ve lived before -- and more people taking offence. more ››
February 13, 2014
British Militarism Needs More than a 'Pause'
Seumas Milne, Guardian
Britain's record of continuous conflict has no parallel. Now the elite is panicking that they can't get away with it any more. more ››
February 14, 2014
Britain's Royal Welfare Queen
Kenan Malik, New York Times
The British queen is down to her last pennies. Well, actually, her last millions of pennies. Last month, the Public Accounts Committee — Parliament’s watchdog on public spending — published a damning survey of... more ››