February 17, 2014

The End of Syria's Five-Star Jihad?

Richard Spencer, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

Despite the British jihadis' well-publicised love of pizza and Kit-Kat, well-provided for apparently, it is probably too harsh to say they were only in it for the home comforts, welcome though they might be. As the man in the first video suggests, more troubling is likely to be the actual experience of combat, for which nothing can fully prepare you. With the recent civil war within a civil war – "fitna", in the Arabic he also uses – the aspect of personal disillusionment must be even worse: you come to fight for Allah, and find that the people you are actually killing are fellow Sunni Muslims, whatever ISIS's ideologues say about them being apostates. Now, as their hosts turn on them, there is a visible upset on English-speaking jihadi Twitter. One went so far as objecting...

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February 7, 2014
Nationalism Isn't a Threat to European Peace
Daniel Hannan, Telegraph
The EU is not a cause of peace in Europe, but a consequence. Peace came to Europe, bluntly, because former dictatorships adopted capitalist democracy – first in 1945 and then, in a second wave, in 1990. The surest way to... more ››
February 8, 2014
How the Left Still Runs Britain
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February 12, 2014
Why Are So Many Old People Dying in the UK?
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February 13, 2014
British Militarism Needs More than a 'Pause'
Seumas Milne, Guardian
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February 17, 2014
Great Britain Begins to Crumble
Roger Cohen, New York Times
The battle for Scotland is heating up 307 years after the union of 1707. A pretty successful union it has been, too, but, unthreatened and restless, Scots troop off to Norway, another small country with oil, and think, hey, why... more ››