February 18, 2014

Handing the Middle East to Russia

Amir Taheri, New York Post

The Associated Press

Some 40 years ago, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat ended his regime’s alliance with, and reliance on, the Soviet Union, and, in one of the Cold war’s most dramatic turnabouts, joined the Middle Eastern bloc of nations close to the United States. The switch led to the Camp David peace accords, the defeat of a Soviet-sponsored rebellion in the Arabian Peninsula, the taming of the Communist regime in South Yemen and the containment of the Ba’athist regimes of Syria and Iraq.

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February 6, 2014
Why So Much Anarchy?
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February 18, 2014
Iran Is the Big Problem in the Mideast
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February 17, 2014
Disappearing Arab Nations a Problem for Israel
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February 18, 2014
What's at Stake for America in Syria
Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
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February 5, 2014
Mideast Wars Show Both Sides of America
Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
Every once in a while, in the extraordinary land of the United States where I am spending a few months teaching at university, developments align to simultaneously reveal the enduring wisdom and the profound idiocy in the society. more ››