February 20, 2014

Alex Salmond is Acting like a Spoiled Child

Martin Kettle, The Guardian

The Associated Press

The inadequacy of the SNP's engagement with serious issues like currency and Europe suggests they suspect the game is up.

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February 18, 2014
Alex Salmond's Nasty Run-In with Reality
Alan Cochrane, The Telegraph
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February 17, 2014
Separation May Tear Scotland Apart
Brian Monteith, The Scotsman
It is this social union that I fear for most. As we now see that the continuing UK can and will have different interests from Scots and Scotland – and has every right to pursue them – new grievances will tear us apart.... more ››
February 16, 2014
Scotland's Stupid, Isolationist Argument
Nick Curtis, London E.S.
I understand the emotional need for cultural identity and self-determination but the argument for independence is such a retrogressive, purse-lipped, stupid, isolationist one. It is also one disavowed by the Scots I know, who are... more ››
February 11, 2014
6 Things to Watch for in the Scot Referendum
Ben Riley-Smith, Telegraph
For the last 18 months – some would say since the 1970s – the fundamentals of the Scottish independence debate haven't budged. Give or take a percentage point here or there, it's two anti-independence Scots for every one... more ››
February 16, 2014
Scotland Isn't Betraying Britain -- Britain Is
Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail
The leaders of the United Kingdom cannot argue for Scotland to stay in a country they themselves are working so hard to abolish. Mr Cameron’s allegiance to the European Union (which is total and unshakeable) automatically... more ››