February 20, 2014

Global Implications of the Ukraine Conflict

Uwe Klussmann, Der Spiegel

The Associated Press

The bloody conflict in Ukraine could trigger yet another confrontation between the West and Russia. Dominance in Europe is at stake on the geopolitical chess board. While Ukraine itself could descend into civil war.

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February 20, 2014
Is Ukraine the Cold War's Final Episode?
George Will, Washington Post
Europe, which for many centuries was a cockpit for many fighting faiths, is now politically vanilla. And as a military or diplomatic power, “Europe” remains more a geographical than a political term. Still, the pull... more ››
February 20, 2014
Poland's Big Opportunity in Ukraine
Alex Berezow, RealClearWorld
Here's some unsolicited advice for Mr. Tusk: Try harder. Why? Because if Poland plays a pivotal role in brokering a deal in Ukraine, at least three good things will happen for Poland. more ››
February 20, 2014
Viktor Yanukovych's Last Stand?
Gwynne Dyer, Toronto Star
What is happening in Ukraine is no longer a non-violent protest against a particular government policy. It is a revolution. more ››
February 19, 2014
Decades of Stagnation Led to Kiev Bloodshed
Colin Freeman, Telegraph
It is, of course, easy to blame Uncle Vladimir Putin in Russia for stirring all this up. It was he, after all, who pressured Mr Yanukovych into breaking off his trade deal with EU last November. But it is also an indictment on... more ››
February 19, 2014
Obama's Blood-Soaked 'Reset' with Russia
Noah Rothman, Mediaite
The abject naiveté with which President Barack Obama’s administration approached America’s relationship with Russia after coming to power was timidly underscored by its campaign-like slogan: “Reset.” In theory, this... more ››