February 21, 2014

The Left's Venezuelan Blind Spot

James Bloodworth, The Independent

The Associated Press

Unfortunately, supporters of the Chavez/Maduro government appear to be marooned in 2002, when a right-wing coup temporarily overthrew the then president Hugo Chavez. They are still of the belief that the media in Venezuela is overwhelmingly right wing and that the government is surrounded by hostile forces seeking to undermine the socialist revolution. In reality, it is the Venezuela state which is now the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity. In 2013 the last remaining independent television station in Venezuela was sold to an ally of the president and the government now has foreign news broadcasters and Twitter in its sights, pulling a Colombian news channel NTN24 off the air last week because it was providing too much coverage of the student protests. Maduro, who doesn’t...

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February 18, 2014
From Bad to Worse in Venezuela
Miami Herald
Venenzuelan President Nicolás Maduro apparently never learned the first rule of crisis management: When you’re in a hole, stop digging. With every move that he makes, he plunges his country deeper into the abyss of chaos. The... more ››
February 18, 2014
Will Venezuela Abandon Chavismo?
David Frum, CNN
A week of demonstrations in Venezuela. Three people shot dead; dozens wounded; dozens more arrested and imprisoned. Pro-regime thugs intimidate protesting high school and college students. The question is being asked: Is Chavismo... more ››
February 18, 2014
For Venezuelan Regime, the Party's Over
Roger Noriega, The American
With intensifying unrest and the Maduro regime fighting a losing battle for survival, it appears that Hugo Chávez’s ‘Bolivarian revolution’ will outlive him by about a year. more ››
February 14, 2014
Let's Watch Venezuela Destroy Itself
Raul Gallegos, Bloomberg
Venezuela, a country blessed by vast oil reserves, seems to have an uncanny knack for killing businesses. more ››