February 21, 2014

What's at Stake in Ukraine

Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

The Associated Press

Beyond the burning barricades and the corpses in the streets, here are five big things that are at stake in Ukraine's insurrectionary drama. They mean that what happens in Ukraine will affect not just the Ukrainians, but also Russia, Europe and our sense of what makes a revolution.

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CIVIL strife often follows a grimly predictable pattern. What at first seems a soluble dispute hardens into conflict, as goals become more radical, bitterness accumulates and the chance to broker a compromise is lost. Such has... more ››
February 20, 2014
How EU Could Do More for Ukraine
Michael Emerson, Conversation
When in Kiev recently I asked many Ukrainians how they thought the raging political and now violent conflict would end. All said they had no idea, but one of them said he had eight scenarios, which included the nightmare cases... more ››
February 20, 2014
Very Little U.S. Can Do in Ukraine
Fareed Zakaria, Global Public Square
CNN speaks with Fareed about the unrest in Ukraine and what, if anything, the United States should do. This is an edited version of the transcript. more ››
February 20, 2014
Global Implications of the Ukraine Conflict
Uwe Klussmann, Spiegel
The bloody conflict in Ukraine could trigger yet another confrontation between the West and Russia. Dominance in Europe is at stake on the geopolitical chess board. While Ukraine itself could descend into civil war. more ››
February 20, 2014
Americans Pretend to Care About Ukraine
Sarah Kendzior, Politico
Journalist Simon Shuster said it was “straight out of Hieronymus Bosch.” Writer Philip Gourevitch thought it was more like Bruegel. But the main word to describe the violent clashes in Ukraine’s capital city of... more ››