February 22, 2014

The Deal That's Key to America's Future

James Traub, Foreign Policy

The Associated Press

The traditional objection to trade pacts -- and the default position of all too many Democrats -- is that they do more harm than good to American workers.

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TAGGED: Global Economy, Free Trade, Asia, The Trans-Pacific Partnership


February 9, 2014
Democrats Rock Obama's Pivot to Asia
Japan Times
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February 19, 2014
In the UK, Politically Potent Good News
The Scotsman
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February 9, 2014
The Hyperinflation That Shook the World
Alexander Jung, Der Spiegel
The current debt crisis in Europe evokes painful memories of the German hyperinflation. Price increases began with the start of World War I in 1914 and ended in disaster in 1923. The event still influences sentiment about... more ››
February 21, 2014
Sochi Showcases Moscow's Asian Influence
Richard Weitz, The Diplomat
Russia has a strong stake in Asia. The U.S. should recognize this. more ››
February 11, 2014
Asia Pivot on the Rocks
Michael Auslin, Commentary
On Thursday, Kerry is leaving for his fifth visit to Asia since taking office last year. The State Department claims this is proof of his commitment to the administration’s pivot. Yet the White House continues to believe... more ››