February 22, 2014

Will India Choose Erdogan's Path?

Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail

The Associated Press

Your country, which is large, important and troubled but no longer trapped in poverty, is facing a historic election. On the ballot before you are two choices. The first choice is the ruling party, which has governed for decades and is justifiably revered for its secularism and its role in modernizing your country. But in recent years, it has become corrupt, insular and economically illiterate, and its new leaders look even worse.

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February 18, 2014
Tunisia a Model for Turkey
Mustafa Akyol, New York Times
Over the past decade, the Turkish government has received much praise for successfully melding Islam and democracy. Today, however, Ankara’s continued reliance on tactics of confrontation and intimidation is threatening to... more ››
February 14, 2014
Turkey, Tear Gas and Internet Lessons
Zeynep Tufekci, Medium
TEAR GAS IS A GOOD TEACHER. It taught me that what they say is true: Awful conditions can bring out the best in people. It taught me that one can get used to almost anything, including a sensation of choking, and of impending... more ››
February 11, 2014
Hindu Book Raises Free Speech Question in India
Krista Mahr, Time
Penguin Books India has reportedly agreed to recall and destroy all copies in India of a book about Hinduism by a U.S. religious scholar, raising concerns over the increasing sway of interest groups over freedom of expression... more ››
February 13, 2014
India's Air Pollution Emergency
New York Times
Last month, the Yale Environmental Performance Index ranked India 174th out of 178 countries on air pollution. According to India’s Central Pollution Control Board, in 2010, particulate matter in the air of 180 Indian cities... more ››
February 11, 2014
Reform Is a Dirty Word in India
David Karl, The Diplomat
India’s difficulty in advancing serious economic reforms is ultimately due to the lack of a home-grown intellectual tradition that can underpin them. The Congress Party, long a bastion of statist thinking, is proof of this... more ››