February 24, 2014

Will the Capture of 'El Chapo' Change Anything?

Tim Fernholz, Quartz

The Associated Press

After the capture of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, head of the world-spanning Sinaloa drug cartel and a cagey escape artist who spent over a decade as a fugitive, Mexican law enforcement released a photo of soldiers surrounding the bedraggled drug peddler (see above). It was reminiscent of this picture of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein after he, too, was seized by soldiers after a long manhunt. It’s not a rosy parallel: Capturing Guzman serves justice and may bring closure to the victims of his organization’s violence, but just as Hussein’s capture did not put an end to the insurgency in Iraq, it’s not clear Guzmán’s arrest will put a stop to drug violence or do much to shut down his deadly cartel.

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