February 26, 2014

False Cheers for Democracy

Paul Pillar, The National Interest

The Associated Press

Here is where the invocation of democracy has been mistaken and misplaced. Some of the most enthusiastic proponents of active, U.S.-led promotion of democracy have more than once in recent months cheered what is one of the clearest possible negations of democracy: overthrow through nondemocratic means of a freely elected leader. This happened last July in Egypt when the Egyptian military removed from office Mohamed Morsi, who had been chosen president in a free and fair election. Now it has happened again with the ouster from the Ukrainian presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. There were good reasons to doubt the fairness of the election when Yanukovych first tried for the presidency in 2004 and the Orange Revolution ensued. But that was not the case with the election of 2010. Yanukovych's...

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February 18, 2014
Tunisia a Model for Turkey
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February 19, 2014
Going for the Jugular in Egypt
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February 18, 2014
This Cairo College Campus Is Now a War Zone
Jon Krohn, Daily Beast
Egypt's prestigious Al Azhar University has been under siege since last summer by students protesting the military coup -- and both sides are preparing for the next round of battle when school resumes next month. more ››
February 23, 2014
Egypt's New Dictator Was Made in the USA
Gregg Carlstrom, Politico Mag
Sisi rose through an army that was rapidly reorienting itself away from the Soviet Union and toward the United States. Today more than half of Egypt’s combat aircraft, and nearly two-thirds of its tanks, are American-made;... more ››
February 19, 2014
The Cairo Cult of Field Marshal al-Sisi
Adam Ramsey, Vocativ
He's the man who would be president. For now, he'll have to settle with being on T-shirts, key rings, flags, masks and even chocolates. more ››