February 26, 2014

Glimmers of Hope in Egypt

Terry Glavin, Ottawa Citizen

The Associated Press

Egypt is still very much a work in constitutional progress, but there is a “roadmap” to democracy in place, and when seen from the perspective of Egypt’s women, particularly, the country is making great strides.

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February 23, 2014
Egypt's New Dictator Was Made in the USA
Gregg Carlstrom, Politico Mag
Sisi rose through an army that was rapidly reorienting itself away from the Soviet Union and toward the United States. Today more than half of Egypt’s combat aircraft, and nearly two-thirds of its tanks, are American-made;... more ››
February 24, 2014
Egypt Can Stop Radicalization
Emad Shahin, Washington Post
Egypt is spiraling toward instability and radicalization. Since last summer’s coup, the military-backed regime has used brute force to try to restore peace and manage its form of “democratic transition.” But its... more ››
February 25, 2014
Egypt Regime's Miracle HIV Cure
Ahmed Abdel-Raheem, The Commentator
Almost certainly a political miracle rather than a medical one, Egypt's claim to have an instant cure for HIV and Hepatitis shows the lengths the coup leaders will go for legitimacy. more ››
February 26, 2014
False Cheers for Democracy
Paul Pillar, The National Interest
Here is where the invocation of democracy has been mistaken and misplaced. Some of the most enthusiastic proponents of active, U.S.-led promotion of democracy have more than once in recent months cheered what is one of the... more ››
February 20, 2014
Why Egypt Hates Al Jazeera
Gregg Carlstrom, Foreign Policy
The network's Cairo-based staff, who stand accused of running a terror cell from a luxury hotel, find themselves caught in the middle of a regional power struggle. more ››