February 26, 2014

The Forces Ruling Kiev Right Now

Dan Peleschuk, Global Post

The Associated Press

Men respect them, women feed them, and all the young ladies want their photos taken with them. They’re Kyiv’s masked and armored “self-defense” forces, and they’re the most popular authority around town.

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February 20, 2014
Kabul to Kiev, World Needs U.S. Leadership
Seth Mandel, Commentary
The shift away from wars that are winding down anyway is natural, but the focus on Ukraine should be more than a space-filler or the crisis flavor of the week. Indeed, as the right debates the future of conservative foreign... more ››
February 21, 2014
Kiev Agreement Won't Hold
Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
After days of bloody street battles in central Kiev that may have left as many as 100 people dead, protest leaders signed an agreement Friday with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to end the stand-off. The deal curtails the... more ››
February 24, 2014
Russia's Overshadowed Olympic Games
Peter Ahrens, Der Spiegel
This year's Winter Olympics were anything but a carefree celebration of sport. Even before the flame was lit, there were critical questions about the preparations for these games -- and then came the events in Kiev. more ››
February 20, 2014
Europe's New Battlefield
The Economist
Bloody skirmishes between the police and protesters in the centre of Kiev could yet descend into something darker. more ››
February 20, 2014
How EU Could Do More for Ukraine
Michael Emerson, Conversation
When in Kiev recently I asked many Ukrainians how they thought the raging political and now violent conflict would end. All said they had no idea, but one of them said he had eight scenarios, which included the nightmare cases... more ››