March 1, 2014

China Must End Its GDP Worship

William Pesek, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

For China to get off the growth treadmill would be a giant reform all its own. Why? Well, there are at least three major challenges China will never be able to address if leaders feel obliged to keep growth above a specified level: local government finances, pollution and the shadow-banking system.

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February 25, 2014
America Didn't Decline -- It Went Global
Sean Starrs, Politico Magazine
In the age of globalization, as the world’s largest transnational corporations now have vast operations across the globe, this equation between national accounts and national power begins to break down. China, for example,... more ››
February 25, 2014
Say Goodbye to Taiwan
John Mearsheimer, The National Interest
Not only will China be much more powerful than it is today, but it will also remain deeply committed to making Taiwan part of China. Moreover, China will try to dominate Asia the way the United States dominates the Western... more ››
February 25, 2014
The Pacific Century Myth?
James Clad & Robert Manning, The Diplomat
Straight-line projections may predict America’s imminent ouster as top economy – but they miss much. more ››
February 25, 2014
China Can Steer North Korea in Right Direction
Sydney Morning Herald
Beijing's interest is best served by helping North Korea move towards a market-based economy. China's own recent history, while still badly flawed on human rights issues, shows that approach can deliver rewards for population and... more ››
February 25, 2014
What 'House of Cards' Gets Right About China
Daniel McGroarty, RCW
Just as "Seinfeld" was a "show about nothing," in my circles, "House of Cards" is a "show about rare earths." From that heady moment in season one's finale when billionaire Raymond Tusk -- played by Gerald McRaney -- confides in... more ››