March 4, 2014

China Grapples with Its Own 9/11

Adam Minter, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

In China, to interfere with rail is to disrupt the lifestyles and economies that have grown up around an increasingly mobile Chinese society. And to attack the people who ride those rails -- as happened Saturday night, in a horrific terror strike whereby a group of masked, knife-wielding terrorists killed 29 and injured more than 140 in Kunming’s main railway station -- is to leave most Chinese feeling much less secure, much as Americans might feel after an attack on a McDonald’s, a movie theater or an airport. The parallel, at least for some Chinese political commentators, is obvious. “It was a typical terrorist attack and also a severe crime against the humanity,” wrote Gui Tao, a writer with the state-owned newswire Xinhua, in an English-language commentary on...

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