March 7, 2014

The Other Russian Crackdown

Cathy Young, Weekly Standard

The Associated Press

While the Russian opposition viewed the revolution in Kiev as a source of both envy and inspiration, the Kremlin’s nervous response to these events was undoubtedly driven by domestic as well as international concerns. It is important to keep in mind that an earlier wave of Maidan demonstrations—the Orange Revolution of 2004-2005, which forced the reversal of an election stolen by Yanukovych—had a great deal to do with shaping Vladimir Putin’s mindset. Apparently genuinely convinced that the protests were the work of Western and particularly American plotting, Putin became obsessed with the “orange threat” at home. In Kremlin propaganda, “orange”—meaning “foreign-backed subversive”—became a common slur against the...

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March 4, 2014
Moscow Calls NATO's Bluff
Nikolas Gvosdev, The National Interest
Vladimir Putin is testing what are the real "red lines" of the United States and Europe. It is not accidental that Putin got the Federation Council to give him a unanimous vote to deploy Russian military forces in Ukraine--a not... more ››
American rhetoric against Russia has been sharper. But in private US officials acknowledge they have no military option. They speak mostly of seeking ways of ensuring “de-escalation” and finding an “off-ramp” for... more ››
March 4, 2014
No, U.S. Weakness Didn't Encourage Putin
Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
The post-Cold War period has brought one long march by America and its allies closer and closer to the border of Russia itself. But there was no reason to believe that Russia—which under Putin has been regaining its... more ››
March 4, 2014
All Eyes on Merkel
Philipp Wittrock & Gregor Peter Schmitz, Der Spiegel
As the conflict with Russia over Crimea intensifies, Germany is playing a central role in communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the international community has doubts that Chancellor Angela Merkel can pull it... more ››
March 4, 2014
What Motivates Moscow? Fear of NATO
Edward Walker, Los Angeles Times
The causes of the unfolding crisis in Ukraine are many, but most fundamentally its roots can be found in an enormously consequential decision made by the United States and its allies in the early 1990s. Faced with a strategic... more ››