March 8, 2014

The Oligarch in the Middle of the Crisis

Katya Soldak, Forbes

The Associated Press

Ukraine’s second-richest man, worth an estimated $3.2 billion, saw the swelling crowds move from rock-throwing to song-singing; he saw the snipers shooting unarmed protesters; he saw a tyrant fall, a new government struggle. And he’s still watching, as Russian troops pour into Crimea and his country flirts with national schism.

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March 5, 2014
Putin's Side of History
Tom Switzer, American Conservative
Unfashionable though it is to say, Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula does not represent, as the Financial Times editorializes, a second Cold War. Instead, it is the rational reaction of a... more ››
March 5, 2014
Ukraine Will Prevail
Conrad Black, National Review
The danger to the West is that it goes on autopilot and Western leaders blather a lot of self-righteous paraphrases of King Lear about “costs” and red lines, which Putin could hardly be blamed for ignoring, and yet... more ››
March 3, 2014
Putin's Crimea Crime
Roger Cohen, New York Times
The Russian seizure of control of the Crimean Peninsula, a clear violation of the very international law Putin likes to invoke, has turned Ukraine into a European tinderbox. Sarajevo and the Sudetenland: Europe’s ghosts... more ››
March 3, 2014
Please Stop Calling This a 'New Cold War'
Jonathan Kay, National Post
Putin is a thug but no ideologue. more ››
March 5, 2014
How to Pry Russia from Crimea
New York Times
Isolation and economic pressure will be more effective against Russia than saber-rattling. more ››