March 9, 2014

A Farewell to Russia

Vitaly Portnikov, Eurozine

The Associated Press

Russia may have won Crimea but it has lost Ukraine, writes Vitaly Portnikov. At the same time, Ukraine has gained a whole world of sympathetic people who support the country in its fight for something that should in fact be just as much a necessity for Russia too: freedom.

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March 8, 2014
The Oligarch in the Middle of the Crisis
Katya Soldak, Forbes
Ukraine’s second-richest man, worth an estimated $3.2 billion, saw the swelling crowds move from rock-throwing to song-singing; he saw the snipers shooting unarmed protesters; he saw a tyrant fall, a new government... more ››
February 24, 2014
Forget Kiev -- Real Fight Will Be for Crimea
Andrei Malgin, Moscow Times
Demonstrators in Crimea have been toting signs reading "Putin is our president" and "Russia, we have been abandoned, take us back!" Late Sunday in the city of Kerch, someone took down the Ukrainian flag above the city... more ››
March 8, 2014
Russia Has Already Lost
Chrystia Freeland, New York Times
OVER the past two weeks, residents of Kiev have lived through its bloodiest conflict since the Second World War, watched their reviled president flee and a new, provisional team take charge, seen Russian troops take control of... more ››
March 6, 2014
Life Under Stalin's Long Shadow
Julia Ioffe, New Republic
Ukraine the country has existed for only brief spurts. In the nineteenth century, as nationalism spread through Europe, Ukrainian language and culture—as well as the new idea of independence—became fashionable in... more ››
March 4, 2014
Can Putin Turn Back Now?
David Brooks, New York Times
The danger is that Russia is now involved in a dispute in Ukraine that touches and activates the very core of this touchy messianism. The tiger of quasi-religious nationalism, which Putin has been riding, may now take control.... more ››