March 10, 2014

To Curb Russia, a New International System Is Needed

John Yoo, National Review

The Associated Press

The United States can pull aside the curtain on Russia’s great-power pretensions and begin a reform of the international system that would advance American interests and global welfare. First, the White House should pull out of the 2011 New START treaty, which reduced American and Russian nuclear arsenals to 1,550 nuclear warheads each and 700 deployed nuclear-capable ICBMs, submarines, and bombers. New START ignored the United States’ global responsibilities and the importance of our nuclear umbrella in underpinning international security. The treaty’s constraints on launch platforms impede Washington’s ability to use conventional warheads even in conflicts far from any Russian interest or responsibility. Instead of recognizing the United States’...

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March 8, 2014
The Demise of the UN
Tom Rogan, National Review
First, Putin invades. He does so by flouting the most basic premise of international law — the inviolability of sovereignty absent threat. He does so with arrogant glee. Then, the U.N. reacts. With condemnation? Nope. more ››
March 2, 2014
NATO's Eastern European Naivety
Greg Sheridan, The Australian
The fate of Georgia, a slab of whose territory and population is now permanently under Moscow's control, and the likely fate of Ukraine, demonstrate the problematic, if not downright foolish, way in which the US and Europe,... more ››
March 4, 2014
What Motivates Moscow? Fear of NATO
Edward Walker, Los Angeles Times
The causes of the unfolding crisis in Ukraine are many, but most fundamentally its roots can be found in an enormously consequential decision made by the United States and its allies in the early 1990s. Faced with a strategic... more ››
March 4, 2014
Moscow Calls NATO's Bluff
Nikolas Gvosdev, The National Interest
Vladimir Putin is testing what are the real "red lines" of the United States and Europe. It is not accidental that Putin got the Federation Council to give him a unanimous vote to deploy Russian military forces in Ukraine--a not... more ››
March 3, 2014
Alright NATO, Now What?
Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast
“The Russians will probe and they will see how far they can get and see how much they can get away with,” says Ivo Daalder, who served as the U.S. ambassador to NATO until last summer. “The role of the... more ››