March 12, 2014

Age of Latin American Dictator Is Ending

Enrique Krauze, New Republic

The Associated Press

It is not hyperbolic to argue that the future of democracy in Latin America is at stake in the streets of Venezuela. A rebirth of political liberties in Caracas would reverberate in Cuba, which would lose its nearly free supply of oil and watch its ideological prestige quickly diminish.

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March 1, 2014
How Cuba Is Fueling Repression in Venezuela
Sen. Marco Rubio, NY Post
It is shameful that only three heads of state in this hemisphere have spoken out forcefully against what’s happening in Venezuela. It is shameful that many members of Congress who traveled to Venezuela and were friendly with... more ››
March 6, 2014
Meanwhile in Venezuela ... Growing Chaos
Foreign Policy Initiative
As Venezuela passed the one-year anniversary of the death of strongman Hugo Chavez today, his successor Nicolás Maduro continued his crackdown against protestors demanding an end to corruption, rampant crime, and economic... more ››
March 6, 2014
Venezuela Struggling with Chavez's Legacy
Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
Thousands of red-shirted supporters and heavily armed soldiers marched in unison Wednesday to kick off 10 days of commemorations to mark the anniversary of President Hugo Chávez’s death. But just beneath the fanfare... more ››
Despite the mimicry of Chavez’s rhetoric and style, Maduro has struggled to live up to the legacy of his predecessor and mentor. Violence and corruption continue their steep rise, and Venezuela’s economy is wracked by... more ››
March 7, 2014
The Frank Underwood of Venezuela
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, Atlantic
In recent weeks, Venezuela’s political crisis—mass protests in response to a flailing economy, rampant scarcities, soaring crime, and ideological polarization—has been portrayed in international media primarily as a... more ››