March 14, 2014

North Korea 2014 Meets Rome AD 65

James Romm, Los Angeles Times

The Associated Press

In Kim Jong Un's accession to power and brutal purge of his uncle, parallels are evident between the two societies.

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Simply bashing Pyongyang won’t be enough. Washington needs to develop a positive package for a reform North Korean leadership: peace treaty, trade, aid and integration. The U.S. also should involve South Korea and Japan. more ››
March 10, 2014
The Real Reason for N. Korea's 'Election'
Geoffrey Cain, Global Post
On Sunday, the North Korean Generalissimo Kim Jong Un did what any leader who is an unwavering advocate of democracy and the rule of law should do: He held elections. more ››
March 6, 2014
Beware of North Korea's New Launcher
JoongAng Daily
North Korea has repeatedly fired rockets from a new type of multiple-rocket launcher and short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea since Feb. 21. The first launch took place during the inter-Korean family reunions last... more ››
March 7, 2014
East Asia's Discourse Problem
Clint Work, The Diplomat
There is no lack of nationalist-driven myopia in Northeast Asia these days. The DPRK is the most emphatic and solipsistic iteration thereof. Meanwhile, China continues to assert itself in the region from the South China Sea to... more ››