March 14, 2014

Who Loses Most in Ukraine?

Ian Bremmer, Reuters

The Associated Press

As we march toward Sunday’s Crimean referendum, the result is predetermined. Crimea will vote Russia, and tensions will only escalate. At this juncture, it’s important to take a step back and ask who “lost” here. What could the United States have done differently? What about Russia? Was the outbreak of violence and explosive geopolitical confrontation inevitable? Where does it go from here?

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It is entirely likely that a majority of the 
people of Crimea would choose to enter the Russian fold. We may think this troubling empire-building by Putin, but we would have no moral authority to express concern if such a... more ››
March 10, 2014
How to Justify Russian Aggression
Michael Moynihan, The Daily Beast
Readers of a certain vintage will likely recall the oleaginous, Brooklyn-accented Vladimir Pozner, an American citizen domiciled in Moscow who regularly popped up on television in the waning days of the Cold War,... more ››
March 10, 2014
Is Putin the New Stalin? Not Quite
Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph
It was midnight in the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin was watching himself in the mirror as he toned his glistening pecs. “Pretty buff,” he thought. Behind him on the desk were a slew of headlines from the Western press... more ››
March 9, 2014
Crimea Ignites Age-Old Battle
Peter Baker, New York Times
They wanted to break away from a country they considered hostile. The central government cried foul, calling it a violation of international law. But with the help of a powerful foreign military, they succeeded in severing ties. more ››