March 16, 2014

Why Manchester Is Key to British Unity

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian


Bolstering the north's biggest city would help provincial England to challenge London's privilege and dominance.

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March 7, 2014
London's Dirty Russian Laundry Problem
Ben Judah, New York Times
The city has changed. The buses are still dirty, the people are still passive-aggressive, but something about London has changed. You can see signs of it everywhere. The townhouses in the capital’s poshest districts are empty;... more ››
March 7, 2014
Scotland's Big Referendum Winners
Tom Gallagher, The Commentator
The SNP remains well ahead in the polls and therefore will be in charge during the rancorous period that is sure to persist after 2014. Will ordinary Scots rein in the party as it flirts with authoritarianism? more ››
March 6, 2014
West's Retort to Russia a Shambles
Bill Jamieson, The Scotsman
I hope I am wrong with what I am about to write. It’s not unknown. But watching the UK’s response – and that of Western countries generally – to the developing Ukraine crisis in the past few days, I have... more ››
March 6, 2014
Why David Cameron Should Quit Twitter
Iain Martin, Daily Telegraph
There is much to like about Twitter. By following a good range of people I get a constant stream of news, humorous observations, thought-provoking pictures and links to great pieces of writing I might otherwise miss. Last night... more ››
March 16, 2014
Everyone in UK Should Thank George Soros
Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
George Soros keeping us out of the euro was worth the $1bn he made shorting the pound during the ERM crisis. more ››