March 18, 2014

Scottish Vote Could Be Dry Run for Euro 2017

Benedict Brogan, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

The destabilising impact of the Scotland vote is already causing anxiety across the Channel. An assessment of the global political outlook published by Tina Fordham of Citi earlier this month identified the “vox populi” danger of Scottish independence and British exit as two popular initiatives that “may pose material risks to the investment environment”. British diplomats speak of the “shock-wave effect” Scotland voting for independence would have not just on the UK, but on Europe more widely. Senior figures across the EU are quietly asking London what, if anything, they can do to help. Not because they oppose self-determination but because, in a globalised world, they fear fragmentation even more. Those same voices will want to weigh in to a debate on Britain’s...

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March 17, 2014
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