March 19, 2014

Appeasing China

Gordon Chang, The National Interest

The Associated Press

Beijing has expansive territorial claims in the area. Its official maps contain nine dashes, in the form of a tongue, that encompass about 90 percent of the South China Sea, recognized by all states other than China as international water. Beijing’s apparent claim is inconsistent with obligations it has undertaken by treaty and has no support in international law.

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March 14, 2014
China's High-Speed Empire
Tom Zoellner, Foreign Policy
The irony of Beijing’s embrace of high-speed trains is clear to those who know the country’s history. After British companies pried their way into China with gunboats during the Opium Wars in the mid-1800s, they urged... more ››
March 14, 2014
Taiwan Is Watching Crimea
J. Michael Cole, The National Interest
Days ahead of a referendum that could result in the loss of the southern territory of Crimea to Russia, Taiwan, which like Ukraine lives in the shadow of a great power, is watching closely to see whether Moscow’s gambit... more ››
March 15, 2014
There's a Part of China That Could Explode
Remi Quesnel, Le Temps
China's restive province is growing increasingly unsettled. more ››
March 13, 2014
Hong Kong's Shaky Democratic Future
Martin Lee, New York Times
For the nearly 17 years since Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China in 1997, we Hong Kongers have been dreaming of the genuine democracy that was promised by Beijing. But today our autonomy and the rule of law it... more ››
March 13, 2014
How U.S. Military Power Benefits China
Stephen Ellis, The Diplomat
Often overlooked in the debates about the possibility of a future struggle between the United States and China in East Asia is the fact that the current U.S. military presence in the region actually serves and supports... more ››