March 20, 2014

Putin Making Cold Warriors Look Like Fools

Liam Halligan, The Spectator

The Associated Press

This Crimea crisis has changed a lot. America and the EU are split, Germany is a new diplomatic powerhouse and Sino-Russian relations are closer, too. Above all, the West’s influence has diminished — by our bull-headed determination to support the upending of Ukrainian democracy and by threatening ‘consequences’ we could never impose, while reinterpreting international laws we ourselves routinely ignore. We stand demeaned and weakened, with far less ability to influence events in the future.

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March 7, 2014
The Wages of U.S. Weakness
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Would Putin have lunged for Ukraine if he didn’t have such a clueless adversary? No one can say for sure. But it certainly made Putin’s decision easier. more ››
March 17, 2014
Obama Has Four Days to Stop Putin
Josh Rogin & Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Russians has agreed to a ceasefire in Crimea until March 21. Which gives the Obama administration five days to prevent an open war. Can anyone change Putin's calculation in time? more ››
March 11, 2014
Obama Like Ike? Not Quite
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Ike was no doubt a superb president. Yet while he could be sober and judicious in deploying American forces abroad, he was hardly the non-interventionist of our present fantasies, who is so frequently used and abused to score... more ››
March 14, 2014
What Is America's Foreign Policy?
Wall Street Journal
Not being George W. Bush is not a foreign policy. Not invading countries is not a foreign policy. Wishing to demonstrate your sophistication by announcing you are unencumbered by the false historical narratives of the past is not... more ››