March 21, 2014

Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Is a Mess

Will Marshall, Politico

The Associated Press

The 2016 hopeful is trying to play the hawk and the dove. And it’s not pretty.

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March 11, 2014
A Trumpet That Always Sounds Retreat
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Over the past few years, Reagan's internationalism, moralism and strategic aggressiveness have been out of favor in much of the GOP. Many elected Republicans grew tired of defending George W. Bush-era interventions in Iraq and... more ››
March 11, 2014
How to Handle Vladimir Putin
Sen. Rand Paul, Time
The Budapest Memorandum said that Russia wouldn’t violate the integrity of Ukraine, but now it has. There is no realistic military option in this conflict, at least for the U.S. But this does not mean there aren’t... more ››
March 14, 2014
What Is America's Foreign Policy?
Wall Street Journal
Not being George W. Bush is not a foreign policy. Not invading countries is not a foreign policy. Wishing to demonstrate your sophistication by announcing you are unencumbered by the false historical narratives of the past is not... more ››
March 11, 2014
Obama Like Ike? Not Quite
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Ike was no doubt a superb president. Yet while he could be sober and judicious in deploying American forces abroad, he was hardly the non-interventionist of our present fantasies, who is so frequently used and abused to score... more ››