March 21, 2014

Why Are Canada's Female Politicians Losing?

Carol Goar, Toronto Star

The Associated Press

Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s abrupt resignation raises uncomfortable questions and leaves women who hoped to follow in her footsteps rethinking their dreams.

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March 17, 2014
Canada's Separatism Fatigue
Rex Murphy, National Post
Between the time I recall at university, to now — with separatism’s latest star avatar, Pierre Péladeau, arriving to revivify the moribund movement — the issue has lost its driving power in many Canadians’ hearts. The... more ››
March 17, 2014
The Story Behind the Rob Ford Story
Ivor Tossell, The Walrus
A little-known Supreme Court ruling unmuzzled reporters—and changed Canadian journalism. more ››
March 18, 2014
Is Quebec Partition Back on the Table?
Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail
It is a highly sensitive and polarizing issue. Laying out the partition consequence can work negatively for Ottawa, triggering separatists’ ire and mobilizing them. But it can also serve as a great deterrent to the... more ››
March 20, 2014
Canada Is Not Engaged in This New World
Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
Terror attacks, secessionist movements, domestic wars, sabre-rattling maritime disputes, ethnic clashes, the spread of nuclear weapons and the return of great-power rivalries. Today’s world is a very uncertain place, with... more ››
March 15, 2014
Afghanistan: A War Lost and Battle Won
Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
It is one thing for soldiers to be deployed in peacekeeping; it is another for them to fight and die and be wounded. Yes, there are dangers in peacekeeping and special skills are required, but death does not stalk such missions... more ››