March 24, 2014

Is This Obama's Wake-Up Call?

Fred Hiatt, Washington Post

The Associated Press

Defeat can lead to defeatism or a rethink. Which route will President Obama take?

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Mr. Putin’s doctrine would justify Russian meddling not just in other parts of Ukraine — he claimed that “large sections of the historical south of Russia” now “form the southeast of Ukraine”... more ››
March 18, 2014
Will Obama Be Promoted to Colonel?
Oleg Atbashian, PJ Media
Why would a previously obscure pro-Russian politician, whom the Obama administration’s incompetence helped to become a prime minister, sarcastically imply that Obama is working for the Kremlin? more ››
March 14, 2014
Why Obama Can't Be Tough on Russia
Norm Ornstein, The Atlantic
Then there is Ukraine. The challenges to the president are formidable, and they start with a larger reality: Dealing with a lion’s share of the other crises above—Syria and Iran, especially—requires trying to reach ... more ››
March 18, 2014
Should Washington Accept the Vote in Crimea?
Jeremy Lott, RCW
America and the EU are of course right to worry that Crimean annexation could lead to more conflict. If Russia decides to amass its troops along Crimea's northern border, that would be clear grounds for Ukraine to fire the first... more ››
March 18, 2014
Is Putin the Irrational One?
Pat Buchanan, Creators Syndicate
In the estimation of this writer, Vladimir Putin is a blood-and-soil, altar-and-throne ethnonationalist who sees himself as Protector of Russia and looks on Russians abroad the way Israelis look upon Jews abroad, as people whose... more ››