March 25, 2014

The Story of the Century

Roger Cohen, New York Times

The Associated Press

Good morning, this is Brian Bowman of CNN on Day X with breaking news on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The zombie plane theory still has legs! Some aviation experts say it is gaining steam as the search in the South Indian Ocean, one of the most remote and windy places on the planet, continues in an area somewhere between the size of West Virginia and the United States. Now, what is the zombie scenario? Well, it’s a spooky possibility. That this Triple Seven, after making its famous left turn, flew on autopilot for hours with its crew and passengers incapacitated before crashing into the sea or, if you happen to think the Northern Corridor option is still open, in Central Asia. Of course, there are many theories floating around and vertical gyrations are not an autopilot maneuver...

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March 25, 2014
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March 14, 2014
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The Herald hopes that by the time you read this editorial the mystery has been solved. We need the conspiracy theories and misinformation surrounding Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to end so the loved ones of the 227 passengers... more ››
March 14, 2014
A Plane Disappears, Malaysia's Flaws Emerge
William Pesek, Bloomberg
Confusion doesn't normally make for a great economic indicator. But the chaos that's marred the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is revealing quite a bit about Malaysia's potential -- or lack thereof. more ››