March 27, 2014

America's Dereliction of Duty

The Economist, The Economist

The Associated Press

ANYONE who doubts the importance of the International Monetary Fund should look at Ukraine. Every Western nation is talking about helping the Ukrainians resist Vladimir Putin. In terms of immediate cash, America has come up with $1 billion of loan guarantees, while the European Union has found €1.6 billion ($2.2 billion) of budget support. The IMF, meanwhile, is discussing lending Ukraine’s government about $15 billion.

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March 14, 2014
What Is America's Foreign Policy?
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Not being George W. Bush is not a foreign policy. Not invading countries is not a foreign policy. Wishing to demonstrate your sophistication by announcing you are unencumbered by the false historical narratives of the past is not... more ››
March 14, 2014
Ukraine Should Remain a Neutral State
John Mearsheimer, NY Times
Some might say these policy prescriptions amount to a defeat for America. On the contrary, Washington has a deep-seated interest in ending this conflict and maintaining Ukraine as a sovereign buffer state between Russia and NATO.... more ››
March 14, 2014
Use the Cold War Playbook Against Putin
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March 18, 2014
Is Putin the Irrational One?
Pat Buchanan, Creators Syndicate
In the estimation of this writer, Vladimir Putin is a blood-and-soil, altar-and-throne ethnonationalist who sees himself as Protector of Russia and looks on Russians abroad the way Israelis look upon Jews abroad, as people whose... more ››