March 31, 2014

Russia: Saving the World from the West

Masha Gessen, Washington Post

The Associated Press

Over the past two years, a new ideology has taken shape at the Kremlin. Insistently pushed out over the airwaves of state-controlled television, it has taken hold as Russia’s national idea — and is the driving force behind its newly aggressive international posture. Russia is remaking itself as the leader of the anti-Western world.

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March 22, 2014
Putin Could Be Milosevic with Nukes
Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
If his language is taken at face value, Mr. Putin has become an ethnic-nationalist menace to his people and region, a Slobodan Milosevic with better weapons. If he is simply drawing on the language of extremism for political... more ››
March 23, 2014
How the Russia Sanctions Could Backfire
Oliver Bullough, Politico Mag
In announcing the sanctions, President Barack Obama spoke of the “costs” they would impose on Putin’s inner circle, and a senior administration official later called them “very powerful” and strongly... more ››
March 26, 2014
The End of Our Illusions About Russia
Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
Russia is Canada’s neighbour; Ukraine is not. Russia has 143 million people; Ukraine had about 45 million before the loss of Crimea. Russia is a European and Asian power; Ukraine is neither. Russia has a seat on the United... more ››
March 21, 2014
Thanks for Being So Cool About Everything
Vladimir Putin, The Onion
It’s certainly no easy task to forcefully annex an entire province against another country’s will, so I just wanted to thank you—the government of the United States, the nations of western Europe, and really the entire... more ››
March 25, 2014
A War over Ukraine Would Be Ruinous for Russia
Gideon Rachman, FT
A military move into eastern Ukraine would greatly increase the dangers of a political, military and economic blowback sufficiently powerful to threaten the leadership in the Kremlin. Western military analysts have no doubt that,... more ››