March 31, 2014

Scotland Is Already Another Country

Ruth Wishart, The Guardian

The Associated Press

Westminster's parade of day-trippers fail to grasp that devolution is not a destination but a process.

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March 18, 2014
Scottish Vote Could Be Dry Run for Euro 2017
Benedict Brogan, Telegraph
The destabilising impact of the Scotland vote is already causing anxiety across the Channel. An assessment of the global political outlook published by Tina Fordham of Citi earlier this month identified the “vox populi”... more ››
March 30, 2014
Scotland's Narrow Independence Debate
Alexander Linklater, Observer
The Scottish referendum debate has become a narrow discussion of economics and does no justice to our nation. more ››
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March 20, 2014
The Scottish Independence Paradox
Tom Gallagher, The Commentator
The romantic Celtic rhetoric of separation from the hated Sassenach (English) cuts little ice in much of rural Scotland. Independence is far more contradictory and divisive than most people, including Scots, realise. more ››