April 2, 2014

Egypt Could Be a Global Terror Exporter

Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine

The Associated Press

Three years after Mubarak’s fall, the country is toying with global irrelevance—except as a possible terror exporter.

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March 28, 2014
Egypt's Mass Travesty
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The promise of the Arab Spring that swept through much of North Africa and the Middle East two years ago has yet to be realized. Although dictators and autocrats found their regimes buckling and sometimes collapsing under the... more ››
March 27, 2014
529 Reasons to Doubt Egyptian Justice
Louisa Loveluck, NY Times
It was the kind of mass death sentence that seems to come from another time and place. But the news on Monday that an Egyptian judge had handed down a verdict condemning 529 people to execution was all too real, even as the... more ››
March 28, 2014
Egypt's Christians Put Their Faith in Al-Sisi
Aryn Baker, Time
Now that Sisi is planning a presidential run, he can count on solid support from a Christian population traumatized by fears of continued communal attacks, no matter how many questions come up about his dictatorial tendencies. more ››
March 30, 2014
Spare Us the Nasser Imagery in Egypt
Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
Anyone in Egypt who truly believes that Abdel-Nasser was a historic figure worthy of emulation is deeply and dangerously mistaken. I say this because in retrospect we see that the practices and legacy of the Nasser years were... more ››
If the lives of hundreds of Egyptians weren’t at stake, the death penalties imposed upon 529 people Monday in a perfunctory trial would be almost comical. After holding two hearings of less than one hour each, a court in Minya... more ››