April 4, 2014

The Men Shaping Our Future in Afghanistan

David Francis, The Fiscal Times

The Associated Press

The winner of Sunday’s election is expected to negotiate a long-term security agreement with the United States. That agreement would determine what kind of presence, if any, the U.S. military would have in Afghanistan beyond 2014. It would also determine the size of the commitment from American NATO allies, and how much the United States would spend to prop up Afghan institutions.

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As advisor to Hamid Karzai, he organized the Loya Jirga that approved the constitution and elected Karzai. He helped write the country’s National Development Framework while still serving as advisor, and then as director of... more ››
March 27, 2014
Yes, the Taliban Are Terrorists
Aziz Hakimi, The Diplomat
The story is heartbreaking. A Facebook status update on July 16, 2013, from Ahmad Sardar, the Afghan journalist in Kabul. Nelofar, his 5-year-old daughter asks her dad, “Do the Taliban kill animals too?” The... more ››
March 24, 2014
Afghanistan Is No Vietnam
Michael O'Hanlon, The National Interest
In fact, the war is not lost. Alas, it is ongoing. But it is now also being handed off fairly successfully to Afghan forces, who represent more 90 percent of total coalition troop strength, conduct more than 95 percent of all... more ››
March 23, 2014
Pakistan Sheltered bin Laden? Prove It
Peter Bergen, CNN
I am convinced that there is no evidence that anyone in the Pakistani government, military or intelligence agencies knowingly sheltered bin Laden. more ››