April 4, 2014

Why Is U.S. Cuba Policy So Absurd?

Matt Ford, The Atlantic

The Associated Press

For years, American outreach to Cuba came in many forms: mafiosos, poison-drenched wetsuits, toxic cigars. But today we learned of a new tactic in the campaign to undercut the Castro regime: a stealth effort by the U.S. government's humanitarian aid agency to create a Cuban version of Twitter.

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April 3, 2014
America's 'Topple Castro with Twitter' Plan
Joshua Keating, Slate
The must-read U.S. foreign policy story of the day is undoubtedly the AP’s extensive investigation into USAID’s efforts to create a social media project aimed at destabilizing the Cuban government. more ››
April 3, 2014
Why the U.S. Built a Secret 'Cuban Twitter'
Butler, Gillum & Arce, AP
In July 2010, Joe McSpedon, a U.S. government official, flew to Barcelona to put the final touches on a secret plan to build a social media project aimed at undermining Cuba's communist government. McSpedon and his team of... more ››
April 1, 2014
Adolfo Suarez and the Dream of a Free Cuba
Carlos Montaner, Miami H'ld
In 1990, I asked Adolfo Suárez for help. At the time, I had made a political calculation that the former prime minister could be useful to Cuba's democratization and was a generous person. In Spain, his political flow had... more ››
March 27, 2014
The Dangers of a Cuban Collapse
Daniel Serwer, Politico Magazine
Cubans remain poor. It would be no fun to live on the $15-35 per month that is paid to most government employees. Even with subsidized (and rationed) staples as well as free rent, health care and education, many neighborhoods of... more ››