April 6, 2014

How Ukraine Could Alter New York's Skyline

Megan McArdle, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

Unlike most cities, however, New York is not limited to local talent. Its real estate prices are constrained by the total supply of very rich people in the entire world -- or, let's say, the majority of the world where citizens are allowed to buy New York City real estate. Globalization is producing a lot of those people, though not so many that a foreign-policy crisis can’t crimp the style of local developers.

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March 27, 2014
'Isolating' Russia Isn't a Serious Option
Ian Bremmer, New York Times
“Isolating Russia” as if it were Iran or North Korea isn’t a threat America can feasibly make good on. Just because Mr. Putin is acting like the leader of a rogue state, his country cannot be considered as such. Russia... more ››
March 27, 2014
Putin's Manifest Destiny
Raymond de Souza, National Post
As the West seeks an adequate response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, it might be useful to understand what Vladimir Putin thinks that he is doing, and why he ought to do it. Understanding Putin is not to apologize for... more ››
March 28, 2014
Crimea's Tatars: Running Out of Time and Options
Michael Weiss, NOW
The community numbers only 300,000, or about 12 percent of the peninsula’s total population, which makes the Tatars a small but significant minority. It is also one not easily cowed or intimidated. It was Tatar television... more ››
March 28, 2014
What Would Ukraine Invasion Look Like?
M. Galeotti, Moscow's Shadows
In brief, the aim would be a blitzkrieg that, before Ukraine has the chance properly to muster its forces and, perhaps more to the point, the West can meaningfully react, allows the Russians to draw a new front line and assert... more ››
March 25, 2014
If NATO Doesn't Stand Up to Putin, It's Finished
Con Coughlin, Telegraph
For anyone who still takes the security of the West seriously – and I fear I am in a distinct minority – the manner in which Russian President Vladimir Putin has effortlessly achieved his audacious land grab in the Crimea... more ››