April 6, 2014

The World's Next Macho Nationalist

Dileep Padgaonkar, Times of India

The Associated Press

The advent of Narendra Modi at the helm of the next government would conform to a trend witnessed worldwide during the last decade or so. In country after country voters are reposing trust in leaders who preach and practice a new brand of politics that confounds, more than enrages, liberals and leftists. Its elements include hyper nationalism with deep roots in religious and ethnic homogeneity, cultural 'exceptionalism' and a desire to avenge real or imagined humiliations of the past, a muscular, decisive and charismatic leadership determined to take on external enemies, fifth columnists and proponents of 'alien' (read Western) values and lifestyles. Besides, they are seen to have strong linkages with big business and, not least, an authoritarian attitude towards the media, civil...

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