April 7, 2014

Is Australia Embracing the Monarchy Again?

Jon Pearlman, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

Back in the days when an Australian leader brazenly put his hand on the Queen’s back and a royal visit was dismissed by the media as “an image fading”, the so-called “captive republic” appeared on the verge of finally breaking free of the shackles of the British monarchy. But today’s Australians, it seems, have come to like their chains.

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April 3, 2014
Britain's Raucous Parliament Goes Idle
The Economist
HYPERACTIVITY is not a virtue in a legislature. Winston Churchill thought Parliament should meet for no more than five months a year. Texas enjoys relative freedom from red tape partly because its state legislature meets only... more ››
April 5, 2014
Ireland's Love/Hate Relationship with Britain
Mark Hennessy, IT
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April 7, 2014
Yes, London Is an Unfriendly City
Stuart Heritage, The Guardian
Ignore the people saying Londoners should talk to each other more to 'build a friendlier city'. Most of us moved here precisely to avoid having to chat to strangers. more ››
April 2, 2014
Don't Take North Ireland Peace for Granted
Greg Sheridan, Australian
Politics, like life, is full of anomalies, of formulas that should work but don't, and of situations that should never work but do. Northern Ireland could continue as it is, with all its demographic and political trends... more ››
April 2, 2014
Can London's Skyline Be Saved?
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