April 8, 2014

'Solving' Israel to Solve the Mideast

Tom Wilson, Commentary

The Associated Press

With the Israeli-Palestinian talks at an impasse, now would be the time for some fresh thinking on how to move forward. Two pieces have appeared in recent days offering advice on what could be done to make progress. Both are written in a highly skeptical tone about the probability of success, yet both essentially offer the same suggested remedy. Although they come at it from slightly different angles, when it comes down to it what they both propose is a pretty simple formula: more pressure on Israel.

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March 30, 2014
Tough Love Will Keep Israel, Palestinians in Line
Hussein Ibish, National
The Palestinians and Israelis need their friends to help them achieve peace. But, like everyone, they also need their friends to help keep them honest. That’s what real friends do. more ››
April 3, 2014
John Kerry, Thwarted by the Middle East
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Well, God bless John Kerry for trying. It appears as if the latest attempt by the U.S. to make the Palestinians and Israelis embrace reason is failing. It is true American negotiators have misstepped and miscalculated at... more ››
April 4, 2014
Why Kerry's Mideast Push Collapsed
John Podhoretz, New York Post
This year’s model of the so-called peace process between Israel and the Palestinians “is difficult,” Secretary of State John Kerry said the other night. “It is emotional.” Yes, it is “difficult” — especially for... more ››
March 26, 2014
The Man Who Could Stop The Peace Process
Julia Amalia Heyer, Spiegel
Naftali Bennett, the head of the the settlements party Jewish Home rejects negotiations with the Palestinians and says he will allow the Israeli government to collapse if necessary. A decision on whether talks will proceed is... more ››
April 3, 2014
Don't Punish Abbas. Support Him.
Bloomberg View
By suddenly turning to the United Nations for support, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has rebuffed the U.S.'s terms for brokering peace talks with Israel. But Secretary of State John Kerry is right to be cautious in his... more ››