April 9, 2014

Chinese Savers Can Change the World

Martin Wolf, Financial Times

The Associated Press

This year China’s gross national savings will be close to $5 trillion. US savings will be only $3 trillion. If, as planned, China were to open its capital account -- allowing foreigners to invest in China and the Chinese to invest abroad -- the scale of its savings would surely reshape global finance. Done well, liberalisation would bring huge changes. Done badly, it could shake the foundations of already fragile global finance.

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April 4, 2014
Drive a Wedge Between Russia and China
Albert Wolf, National Interest
Many prophesy that China’s rise will not be peaceful. If Beijing proves to be bent on unacceptably revising or overthrowing the prevailing international order, it would find a natural ally in a disgruntled Russia.... more ››
April 4, 2014
China or America? Indians Pick U.S.
Bruce Stokes, Global Public Square
During the Cold War, the Indian government attempted to position itself between Moscow and Washington by claiming leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement. As Indians head to the polls over the next six weeks, their country again... more ››
April 4, 2014
Rome, Carthage and U.S.-China Relations
James Holmes, The Diplomat
If eminent people prefer Greek to Roman antiquity, that must be because Greek history is more interesting and enlightening. Right? Not necessarily. Methinks the storyteller, not the story, is what keeps seekers of wisdom... more ››
April 4, 2014
Is China the Next Lehman Brothers?
John Cassidy, The New Yorker
The worry is that large parts of China now resemble Arizona, Florida, and Nevada circa 2007, when the great Greenspan-Bernanke real-estate bubble was going “pop.” “Signs are mounting that the housing market in a... more ››
April 3, 2014
Risky Games in the South China Sea
New York Times
Undaunted by China’s aggressive rhetoric and expansionist claims to nearly all of the South China Sea, the Philippines has filed a legal case against Beijing with an international arbitration tribunal in The Hague. This is an... more ››