April 12, 2014

A West Bank Solution for Crimea

David Warszawski, Worldcrunch

The Associated Press

It did not end with Crimea, but then again, nobody thought it would. In the face of further Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, the European Union and the United States should no longer consider financial and political support for the Ukrainian government an option. It’s now a necessity.

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April 9, 2014
The Mideast Peace Process Collapsed 3 Years Ago
Peter Beinart, Haaretz
Without understanding this history, you can’t understand why America’s current peace efforts are near collapse. The principle that a final deal requires a Palestinian state near the 1967 lines, after all, had... more ››
April 9, 2014
Why Did Kerry Lie About Israeli Blame?
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Kerry knows very well that the negotiations were doomed once the Palestinians refused to sign on to the framework for future talks he suggested even though it centered them on the 1967 lines that they demand as the basis for... more ››
April 9, 2014
Stand Firm, John Kerry
Brzezinski, Carlucci, Hamilton, et al., Politico Mag
Israel’s confiscation of what international law has clearly established as others’ territory diminishes its security. Illegal West Bank land grabs only add to the Palestinian and the larger Arab sense of injustice... more ››
April 6, 2014
The Yalta Temptation in Ukraine
Yulia Tymoshenko, Project Syndicate
Putin’s gambit is akin to the infamous Yalta Conference in 1945, where Joseph Stalin made Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt complicit in a division of Europe that enslaved half of the continent for almost a... more ››
April 4, 2014
Ukraine's Geography -- and Destiny
Chicago Tribune
The United States and its European allies can do many things on behalf of Ukraine in its dispute with Russia. They can impose economic sanctions, provide economic and military assistance, increase defense outlays and warn Russian... more ››