April 13, 2014

Why Quebec Finally Saw the Light

Brian Wilson, The Scotsman

The Associated Press

Quebec has suffered from two decades of constitutional uncertainty, causing droves of companies to leave and stunting inward investment. I think there is already more of that going on here than is admitted. Certainly, if the First Minister’s prize announcement from New York this week is anything to go by, there isn’t much inward investment to blow about.

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April 9, 2014
What Quebeckers Voted for, and Against
Globe and Mail
A great irony of the separatist project is that it is always more honest about its objectives in defeat than during a campaign. This was never more true than late on Monday night, as the three dauphins of the PQ – Pierre Karl... more ››
April 8, 2014
Quebecers Say No to Separatism
Andrew Coyne, National Post
The third “no”? In fact, this is the 22nd consecutive time Quebecers have said no: through two referendums, seven federal elections and now 13 provincial elections, separatist parties and the separatist project have never... more ››
April 6, 2014
The Knife to Canada's Throat
Robert Fulford, National Post
Half a century ago, when Quebec separatism erupted, there were cynics who imagined it was an elaborate con game, a way of demanding concessions from the federal government. More money and more jurisdiction. Surely that... more ››
March 31, 2014
English & French in Canada: Functional Disunity
T. Glavin, Ottawa Cit
It is often said that the cause of a properly unhyphenated national identity in Canada has been ill served by all these ethnic groups that bring their ancient hatreds and interminable squabbles over here from the old country.... more ››
April 9, 2014
Anxious? Afraid? Vote Parti Quebecois
Chris Selley, National Post
Under the dubious banner of secularism, they had a popular proposal to leverage the nativist instincts the ADQ had exploited, and when the campaign kicked off they were comfortably ahead in the polls. With a majority, they would... more ››