April 14, 2014

Putin's Ready for War, Are We?

Lilia Shevtsova, The American Interest

The Associated Press

When it comes to explaining Russia’s Ukrainian adventurism, the West has attempted to hide behind a wall of myths and hope its problems will just go away.

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April 4, 2014
Why Echo Putin's Propaganda?
Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
A new Gallup poll of Ukrainians undermines the main rationale for Russia’s aggression towards its neighbor and calls into question the U.S. approach to diplomacy with the Russians, which treats some of the Russian claims as... more ››
April 9, 2014
Reality Check Time: Putin Is Losing in Crimea
Michael Cohen, Yahoo
Rather than push the U.S. and EU away from his western border, Putin’s actions have practically invited them in by strengthening the bonds between Kiev and the West. It is yet another reminder that Putin’s decision to seize... more ››
With Crimea in hand, Russia appears to be using powerful tools—from natural gas price hikes to a threat of the further loss of territory—to secure influence in the rest of Ukraine in advance of May 25 presidential... more ››
April 9, 2014
Who Are You Calling Fascist, Putin?
Cathy Young, Weekly Standard
Throughout the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has insisted that the Euromaidan protests against the pro-Russian regime of Viktor Yanukovych were driven by far-right groups, fascists, or even “neo-Nazis” and that... more ››
April 9, 2014
Why Vladimir Putin Confounds the West
Neil Macdonald, CBC News
As U.S. President Barack Obama noted last month, Russia no longer leads a bloc of nations, as it once did. Nor does it any longer stand for an ideology that for better or worse inspired the poor and subjugated worldwide. Putin... more ››