April 15, 2014

Killing Tigers in China

Minxin Pei, Indian Express


Based on the most recent media revelations, the case against Zhou could be China’s biggest and ugliest scandal that would make Bo Xilai (a Zhou ally) look like small fry by comparison. Although Zhou himself has not been mentioned directly, the unfolding scandal involves immediate family. His son, daughter-in-law and brother have all been detained. Zhou’s son has amassed a huge fortune through shady dealings with state-owned companies and businesses purportedly connected with organised crime. Chinese media reports have publicly identified Zhou’s son as a close friend of a notorious billionaire mafia boss who is on trial for murder and other violent criminal activities. Punters in Beijing believe that Zhou is now destined to fall despite the party’s unwritten rule...

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April 11, 2014
Alibaba, Weibo and China's Potential for Growth
Ian Bremmer, Reuters
China’s waning economic growth has investors bracing for Chinese leadership to revert to the old model of state-driven stimulus measures, jeopardizing Xi’s vision for a digital age economy based on domestic... more ››
April 3, 2014
Risky Games in the South China Sea
New York Times
Undaunted by China’s aggressive rhetoric and expansionist claims to nearly all of the South China Sea, the Philippines has filed a legal case against Beijing with an international arbitration tribunal in The Hague. This is an... more ››
April 4, 2014
Is China the Next Lehman Brothers?
John Cassidy, The New Yorker
The worry is that large parts of China now resemble Arizona, Florida, and Nevada circa 2007, when the great Greenspan-Bernanke real-estate bubble was going “pop.” “Signs are mounting that the housing market in a... more ››
Across Asia, purchases of submarines, the “new bling” in the words of Bernard Loo Fook Weng, a Singaporean defence expert, are multiplying. India, South Korea and Vietnam, the latter concerned about what it sees as... more ››
April 2, 2014
America's Ultimate Geopolitical Nightmare
Greg Lawson, Nat'l Interest
Russia and China are not natural partners and exchanged blows during the height of the Sino-Soviet split in 1969. In fact, this near conflagration is what allowed Nixon and Kissinger to open the door to China and institute the... more ››