April 15, 2014

West Can't Have It Both Ways on China

William Pesek, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, assigns very low odds to a Chinese hard landing. But what if the West is increasing the chances of a crash in the world's second-biggest economy?

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April 9, 2014
Chinese Savers Can Change the World
Martin Wolf, Financial Times
This year China’s gross national savings will be close to $5 trillion. US savings will be only $3 trillion. If, as planned, China were to open its capital account -- allowing foreigners to invest in China and the Chinese to... more ››
April 9, 2014
Food Prices Are Going to Topple More Governments
Josh Keating, Slate
The Arab Spring may become the textbook example of the geopolitics of food prices -- the food riots and subsequent revolutions transfixed the world. But shifts in food price may be responsible for an even more profound reordering... more ››
It's not as crazy as you think-- and here's how the United States and Japan can prevent it from happening. more ››
April 9, 2014
How to Calm Asia's History Wars
Mochizuki & O'Hanlon, National Interest
As President Obama prepares for his trip to Asia in two weeks, tensions are remarkably high in a part of the world that was supposed to be smart enough to focus on getting rich even as the Middle East remained bogged down in... more ››
April 8, 2014
On Weibo, Jesus More Popular than Mao
Bethany Allen, Tea Leaf Nation
It’s easier to talk about Jesus than Chinese President and Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping on Weibo, China’s massive Twitter-like social media platform. It’s easier to talk about Jesus than Chinese... more ››