April 16, 2014

A Different Israel Meets a Different America

Thomas Friedman, New York Times

The Associated Press

We’re not dealing anymore with your grandfather’s Israel, and they’re not dealing anymore with your grandmother’s America either. Time matters, and the near half-century since the 1967 war has changed both of us in ways neither wants to acknowledge — but which the latest impasse in talks only underscores.

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April 9, 2014
Why Did Kerry Lie About Israeli Blame?
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Kerry knows very well that the negotiations were doomed once the Palestinians refused to sign on to the framework for future talks he suggested even though it centered them on the 1967 lines that they demand as the basis for... more ››
April 3, 2014
John Kerry, Thwarted by the Middle East
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Well, God bless John Kerry for trying. It appears as if the latest attempt by the U.S. to make the Palestinians and Israelis embrace reason is failing. It is true American negotiators have misstepped and miscalculated at... more ››
April 6, 2014
Palestine's False Friends
The Daily Star
The pointless arguing over who brought Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to the brink of collapse is in full swing. The United States is still working to salvage the negotiations, but there is scant sign of serious purpose. It is... more ››
April 3, 2014
A History of the Jonathan Pollard Fiasco
Mitch Ginsburg, Times of Israel
Whatever becomes of him in the current twists and turns, Jonathan Jay Pollard was ill served throughout by his Israeli handlers. more ››