April 16, 2014

Will Afghanistan Squander Its Successful Vote?

Zahid Hussain, Dawn

The Associated Press

IT will indeed be a rare feat for an Afghan ruler to leave office alive and hand over the charge to his elected successor. The historical presidential election in Afghanistan is over but the outcome is still far away with no clear winner in sight.

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April 8, 2014
Afghanistan Votes Against the Taliban
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April 8, 2014
America Also a Winner in Afghan Elections
Amir Taheri, New York Post
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April 7, 2014
7 Million Vote in Afghan Elections
Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
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April 10, 2014
Britain Didn't Understand Enemy in Helmand
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Today, much of the violence is mischaracterised as “Taliban” insurgent violence, when in fact it is not linked to the Taliban or the GIRoA, but is driven by local dynamics between groups and individuals on the ground. The... more ››
April 12, 2014
The Allure of Wars We're Not Winning
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