April 18, 2014

Africa's New Expat Hub

Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy

The Associated Press

Rwanda is a small state, barely the size of Belgium, and a tenth of the country’s 11 million people live in the capital. And yet expats are easy to find in Kigali among its one million inhabitants. They tend to gather at popular hangouts like Papyrus or Heaven Bar. Until recently, Friday nights brought out the same foreign faces, but new faces are now appearing, and they range from American businessmen to German charity workers. “We are seeing more and more foreigners of all nationalities moving in, especially Americans,” says Betty Mutesu, who works at the Spanish Embassy in Kigali. In 2013, the number of foreign visitors to Rwanda surged to more than a million a year for the first time, and hundreds of them have stayed.

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